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TEL: +86 519 8550 8557

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Jiangsu Modun Electric Co.,Ltd

Tel:+86 519 8550 8557

Mail: info@chmodun.com

Address:No.3, North Qingyang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

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[ 10-18 16:55 ] Power factor correction system for Karamay Oilfield in Sinkiang
Totally 4000Kvar power factor correction systems in 11 capacitor banks for Kowtow machines in Karamay Oilfield (Sinkiang)
[ 10-18 16:49 ] Singapore partners visit us for power factor correction business
Singapore partners visit us for power factor correction business
[ 10-18 16:38 ] Conference about Russian power grid
The improvement of Russian power grid is a huge project, and it needs elites in power factor correction system to make suggestion. Modun Electric was invited to participate in the discussion of Russian power grid improvement. Mr. Dai Zhiyong, president of Modun Electric, gave a presentation during the meeting using his professional skills.
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